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Simultaneous formation of trimetallic Pt-Ni-Cu excavated rhombic dodecahedrons with enhanced catalytic performance for the methanol oxidation reaction


trimetallic, rhombic dodecahedron, excavated, corrosion, stepped atoms


ABSTRACT Multimetallic Pt-based alloys with excavated structures have attracted great interest owing to their compositional and morphological tunability, high specific surface areas, and impressive electro-catalytic activities. Herein, we report the first facile one-pot synthesis of trimetallic Pt-Ni-Cu highly excavated rhombic dodecahedrons (ERDs) with a yield approaching 100%. More importantly, these highly uniform nanocrystals have three-dimensionally accessible excavated surfaces, where abundant stepped atoms are observed. Benefiting from the highly excavated rhombic dodecahedral structures, electronic and synergistic effects within the trimetallic alloy, and abundant stepped atoms, the as-prepared trimetallic Pt-Ni-Cu ERDs exhibit an enhanced electro-catalytic performance for the electro-oxidation of methanol compared to commercial Pt/C and bimetallic Pt-Cu ERDs and Pt-Ni-Cu solid rhombic dodecahedrons solid rhombic dodecahedrons (SRDs).

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