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Ultrafast one-step synthesis of N and Ti3+ codoped TiO2 nanosheets via energetic material deflagration


NaN3 deflagration, N radicals and Na nanoclusters, ultrafast doping, N, Ti3+ codoped TiO2, visible-light response


ABSTRACT An energetic-material (NaN3) deflagration method for preparing N- and Ti3+-codoped TiO2 nanosheets (NT–TiO2) was developed. In this method, N radicals filled the crystal lattice, and Na clusters captured partial O from TiO2. The deflagration process was fast and facile and can be completed within < 1 s after ignition. The obtained NT–TiO2 exhibited rough surfaces with nanopits and nanoholes. The doping concentration can be regulated by controlling the NaN3 addition. The NT–TiO2 samples showed significant enhancements in the visible-light absorption and photoelectric response. The simultaneously produced N radicals and Na clusters from NaN3 deflagration served as N sources and reduction agents, respectively. Additionally, the high deflagration temperature/ pressure improved the reactivity of N radicals and Na clusters. Thus, the present NaN3 deflagration method was demonstrated as an ultrafast and effective approach to fabricate NT–TiO2 with a visible-light response. The proposed NaN3 deflagration method allows the ultrafast synthesis of new functional materials via the efficient deflagration of energetic materials.

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