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Photoluminescent two-dimensional SiC quantum dots for cellular imaging and transport


two-dimensional SiC, quantum dots, cellular imaging, intracellular miRNA detection


ABSTRACT Two-dimensional (2D) ultrathin SiC has received intense attention due to its broad band gap and resistance to large mechanical deformation and external chemical corrosion. However, the synthesis and application of ultrasmall 2D SiC quantum dots (QDs) has not been explored. Herein, we synthesize a type of monolayered 2D SiC QDs with advanced photoluminescence (PL) properties via a facile hydrothermal route. Their average size and thickness can be easily adjusted by altering the reaction time. The ultrasmall 2D SiC QDs exhibit a long fluorescence lifetime of 2.59 μs due to efficient quantum confinement. The applications of SiC QDs are demonstrated through labeling A549, HeLa, and NHDF cells and delivering agents for intracellular low-abundant microRNA (miRNA) detection. This advance in preparing photoluminescent SiC QDs is of great significance for broadening their potential in biomedical and optical applications.

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