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A polyoxometalate-functionalized two-dimensional titanium carbide composite MXene for effective cancer theranostics


titanium carbide, MXene, polyoxometalate, dual-mode imaging, photothermal therapy


ABSTRACT As a new family of two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials, MXenes have recently attracted much attention because of high performance in versatile applications including energy storage and electrochemistry, but their specific application to biomedicine has been rarely reported, especially for theranostic nanomedicine, i.e., concurrent diagnostic imaging and therapy. This study shows for the first time surface engineering and functionalization of 2D Ti3C2 MXene nanosheets by the integration of GdW10-based polyoxometalates (POMs). These multifunctional GdW10@Ti3C2 composite nanosheets provide hyperthermal treatment with magnetic resonance (MR) and/or computed tomography (CT) imaging guidance toward tumor cells or xenografts. A tumor was effectively eradicated without further reoccurrence during the observation period. GdW10 nanoclusters that were integrated onto the surface of Ti3C2 nanosheets were demonstrated to serve as a contrast agent for contrast-enhanced CT and MR imaging based on their unique composition, thus showing the potential for diagnostic-imaging guidance and monitoring for tumor hyperthermia nanotherapy. The high in vivo biocompatibility of GdW10@Ti3C2 composite nanosheets was demonstrated to guarantee their subsequent translation into a medical treatment. This study provides a novel strategy for broadening the biomedical applications of MXenes by surface engineering and multifunctionalization, which is expected to promote further exploration of biomedical applications of MXenes in nanotheranostics.

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