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Ultrahigh-performance mesoporous ZnMn2O4 microspheres as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries and their in situ Raman investigation


ZnMn2O4, mesoporous microspheres, viscosity, in situ Raman, ultralong cycling stability


ABSTRACT Currently, lithium-ion batteries play a key role in energy storage; however, their applications are limited by their low energy density. Here, we design a facile method to prepare mesoporous ZnMn2O4 microspheres with ultrahigh rate performance and ultralong cycling properties by finely tuning the solution viscosity during synthesis. When the current density is raised to 2 A·g−1, the discharge capacity is maintained at 879 mA·h·g−1 after 500 cycles. The electrochemical properties of mesoporous ZnMn2O4 microspheres are better than that for most reported ZnMn2O4. To understand the electrochemical processes on the mesoporous ZnMn2O4 microspheres, in situ Raman spectroscopy is used to investigate the electrode surface. The results show that mesoporous ZnMn2O4 microspheres have a great potential as an alternative to commercial carbon anode materials.

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