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Phytochemical-encapsulated nanoplatform for “on-demand” synergistic treatment of multidrug-resistant bacteria


multidrug-resistant bacteria, nanocarriers, on-demand, synergistic treatment


ABSTRACT Though phytochemicals are a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics for combating resistant bacteria, the low water solubility and lack of selectivity seriously hinder their widespread applications. Herein, we constructed a hyaluronidase-activated “on-demand” delivery nanocarrier to encapsulate plant essential oils (PEOs) for the synergistic treatment of multidrug-resistant bacteria. The bioavailability and selectivity of PEOs was enhanced and the antibacterial effect was significantly improved by combining with the photothermal effect of the nanocarrier. This antibacterial system was successfully applied for healing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-infected wound with negligible cytotoxicity and biotoxicity in mice. Given the increasing risk of antibiotic resistance, we believe that this phytochemical-encapsulated nanoplatform would provide a long-term solution and be a new powerful tool for skin-associated bacterial infections.

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