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Nanomaterial-assisted sensitization of oncotherapy


nanomaterial, oncotherapy, sensitization of oncotherapy, multidrug resistance


ABSTRACT Globally, cancer is growing at an alarming pace, which calls for development of more efficient cancer treatments. Conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy have become crucial first-line clinical treatments for cancer. However, along with their wide usage, limited therapeutic effects, severe adverse reactions, unaffordable costs, and complicated operations lead to failures of these treatments. Moreover, the emergence of multidrug resistance inhibits the longtime usage of chemotherapeutics. One of the major causes of treatment failure is the insufficient sensitivity of cancer cells to therapeutic drugs or treatments. With the rigorous development of nanotechnology, tailored nanoparticles can efficiently sensitize malignant cells by inducing intracellular structural and functional changes, which could affect vital intracellular processes such as metabolism, signal conduction, proliferation, cell death as well as intracellular drug delivery. Here, we review recent advances in nanomaterial-assisted sensitization of oncotherapy, and challenges and strategies in the development of nanomedical approaches.

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