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Highly [010]-oriented self-assembled LiCoPO4/C nanoflakes as high-performance cathode for lithium ion batteries


lithium ion battery, lithium cobalt phosphate, two-dimensional (2D) nanoflakes, (010) oriented assembly, solution-phase synthesis


ABSTRACT In this article, highly [010]-oriented self-assembled LiCoPO4/C nanoflakes were prepared through simple and facile solution-phase strategies at low temperature and ambient pressure. The formation of 5-hydroxylmethylfurfural and levoglucosan via the dehydration of glucose during the reaction played a key role in mediating the morphology and structure of the resulting products. LiCoPO4 highly oriented along the (010)-facets exposed Li+ ion transport channels, facilitating ultrafast lithium ion transportation. In turn, the unique assembled mesoporous structure and the flake-like morphology of the prepared products benefit lithium ion batteries constructed using two-dimensional (2D) LiCoPO4/C nanoflakes selfassembles as cathodes and commercial Li4Ti5O12 as anodes. The tested batteries provide high capacities of 154.6 mA·h·g−1 at 0.1 C (based on the LiCoPO4 weight of 1 C = 167 mA·h·g−1) and stable cycling with 93.1% capacity retention after 100 cycles, which is outstanding compared to other recently developed LiCoPO4 cathodes.

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