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Silicon nanowire ratioed inverters on bendable substrates


silicon nanowire, ratioed inverter, n-MOS inverter, p-MOS inverter, bendable substrate


ABSTRACT In this study, we demonstrate the performance of silicon nanowire (SiNW) n-metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) and p-MOS ratioed inverters that are fabricated on bendable substrates. The electrical characteristics of the fabricated devices can be controlled by adjusting the load voltage. The logic swings of the n- and p-MOS ratioed inverters at a low supply voltage of 1 V are 80% and 96%, respectively. The output voltage level of the p-MOS ratioed inverter is close to rail-to-rail operation. The device also exhibits stable characteristics with good fatigue properties. Our bendable SiNW ratioed inverters show promise as a candidate building block for future bendable electronics.

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