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Doxorubicin-loaded silicon nanoparticles impregnated into red blood cells featuring bright fluorescence, strong photostability, and lengthened blood residency


fluorescent silicon nanoparticles, multi-function, red blood cells, drug delivery system


ABSTRACT Based on the unique advantages of fluorescent silicon nanoparticles (SiNPs), long circulation red blood cells (RBCs), and anti-cancer drug molecules (i.e., doxorubicin (DOX)), we developed multifunctional DOX-loaded SiNPs impregnated into RBCs. Importantly, the resulting drug delivery systems (DDSs) simultaneously exhibited bright fluorescence coupled with robust photostability (i.e., ~ 24% loss of fluorescent intensity after 25 min continuous laser irradiation) and significantly lengthened blood residency (i.e., t1/2 = 7.31 ± 0.96 h, 3.9-fold longer than pure DOX-loaded SiNPs). Therefore, this novel DDS featuring multi-functionalities shows high potential for cancer diagnosis and therapy, particularly for tumor imaging and chemotherapy in a synchronous manner.

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