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Light-powered direction-controlled micropump


micropump, light powered, density-driven, thermal effect, direction control


ABSTRACT A micropump induces the flow of its surrounding fluids and is extremely promising in a variety of applications such as chemical sensing or mass transportation. However, it is still challenging to manipulate its pumping direction. In this study, we examine a binary micropump based on perovskite and poly[(2-methoxy-5-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene] (MEHPPV). The micropump is operational under the influence of light. Light exhibits significant versatility in controlling the pumping phenomenon of the micropump. It governs the start and stop and also regulates the velocity and directions. The direction control signifies immense opportunities for the development of micropumps with unprecedented pumping behaviors and functions (such as heartbeat-like pumping, rectification, and amplification). This makes them potentially useful in various fields. Hence, it is expected that the micropump reported in the current study could act as a key step towards the further development of more sophisticated micropumps for diverse applications.

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