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Three-dimensional interconnected Ni(Fe)OxHy nanosheets on stainless steel mesh as a robust integrated oxygen evolution electrode


oxygen evolution reaction, three-dimensional (3D) architecture, stainless steel mesh (SSNNi), Integrated oxygen evolution electrode


ABSTRACT The development of an electrocatalyst based on abundant elements for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is important for water splitting associated with renewable energy sources. In this study, we develop an interconnected Ni(Fe)OxHy nanosheet array on a stainless steel mesh (SSNNi) as an integrated OER electrode, without using any polymer binder. Benefiting from the welldefined three-dimensional (3D) architecture with highly exposed surface area, intimate contact between the active species and conductive substrate improved electron and mass transport capacity, facilitated electrolyte penetration, and improved mechanical stability. The SSNNi electrode also has excellent OER performance, including low overpotential, a small Tafel slope, and long-term durability in the alkaline electrolyte, making it one of the most promising OER electrodes developed.

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