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Hierarchical three-dimensional flower-like Co3O4 architectures with a mesocrystal structure as high capacity anode materials for long-lived lithium-ion batteries


Co3O4, three-dimensional, anode materials, lithium-ion batteries


ABSTRACT In this work, we rationally design a high-capacity electrode based on threedimensional (3D) hierarchical Co3O4 flower-like architectures with a mesocrystal nanostructure. The specific combination of the micro-sized 3D hierarchical architecture and the mesocrystal structure with a high porosity and single crystal-like nature can address the capacity fading and cycling stability as presented in many conversion electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. The hierarchical 3D flower-like Co3O4 architecture accommodates the volume change and mitigates mechanical stress during the lithiation–delithiation processes, and the mesocrystal structure provides extra lithium-ion storage and electron/ion transport paths. The achieved hierarchical 3D Co3O4 flower-like architectures with a mesocrystal nanostructure exhibit a high reversible capacity of 920 mA·h·g−1 after 800 cycles at 1.12 C (1 C = 890 mA·h·g−1), improved rate performance, and cycling stability. The finding in this work offers a new perspective for designing advanced and long-lived lithium-ion batteries.

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