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Asymmetric growth of Au-core/Ag-shell nanorods with a strong octupolar plasmon resonance and an efficient second-harmonic generation


gold-core/silver-shell nanorods, asymmetric growth, octupole surface plasmon resonance, second-harmonic generation


ABSTRACT Colloidal Au-core/Ag-shell nanorods with an asymmetric transverse crosssection and a strong octupolar plasmon resonance are synthesized by the controlled growth of Ag shells on one side of the Au cores. A largely enhanced second harmonic generation (SHG) from these asymmetric core–shell nanorods is demonstrated for the first time by tuning the dipolar and the octupolar plasmon modes to make them resonant with the fundamental and harmonic frequencies, respectively. The SHG intensity of the Au–Ag nanorods with dual-frequency resonances is enhanced by 21 times compared to that of the bare Au nanorods. The co-existence of the dipolar, quadrupolar, and octupolar radiations in the SHG is revealed. Additionally, the cellular uptake of the Au–Ag nanorods is monitored and the evolution of the membrane bleb is successfully observed by the SHG imaging. Our observations provide a strategy for enhancing the SHG of the colloidal metal nanoparticles and can have applications in chemical process monitoring and biological sensing.

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