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A fast synthetic strategy for high-quality atomically thin antimonene with ultrahigh sonication power


antimonene, atomically thin, liquid phase exfoliation, atomic force microscopy sodium-ion batteries


ABSTRACT Recent theoretical studies revealed that two-dimensional (2D) antimonene has attractive characteristics, such as superior photothermal conductivity, absorption over a wide range, high mobility, and good spintronic properties. Herein, we report a reliable liquid phase exfoliation (LPE) route for the preparation of high-quality high-stability atomically thin (AT) antimonene via high ultrasonic power. The AT antimonene delivers a high specific capacity of up to 860 mA·h·g–1, with high rate capability and good cycling stability as an anode of a sodium ion battery (SIB). The good conductivity and 2D structure endow AT antimonene with more active sites for sodium storage, a facilitated pathway for electron transfer and mass transport, and the capability to reduce the volume expansion during the discharge–charge process.

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