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High resolution, binder-free investigation of the intrinsic activity of immobilized NiFe LDH nanoparticles on etched carbon nanoelectrodes


oxygen evolution reaction, nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (NiFe LDH), immobilization, nanoelectrocatalysis, nanoelectrodes, nanoimpacts


ABSTRACT The determination of the intrinsic properties of nanomaterials is essential for their optimization as electrocatalysts, however it poses great challenges from the standpoint of analytical tools and methods. Herein, we report a novel methodology that allows for a binder-free investigation of electrocatalyst nanoparticles. The potential-assisted immobilization of a non-noble metal catalyst, i.e., nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (NiFe LDH) nanoparticles, was employed to directly attach small nanoparticle ensembles from a suspension to the surface of etched carbon nanoelectrodes. The dimensions of this type of electrodes allowed for the immobilization of the catalyst material below the picogram scale and resulted in a high resolution towards the faradaic current response. In addition the effect of the electrochemical aging on the intrinsic activity of the catalyst was investigated in alkaline media by means of continuous cyclic voltammetry. A change in the material properties could be observed, which was accompanied by a substantial decrease in its intrinsic activity.

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