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Plasmonic molecular assays: Recent advances and applications for mobile health


plasmonics, molecular assay, point-of-care diagnostics, mobile health, imaging, sensing


ABSTRACT Plasmonics-based biosensing assays have been extensively employed for biomedical applications. Significant advancements in use of plasmonic assays for the construction of point-of-care (POC) diagnostic methods have been made to provide effective and urgent health care of patients, especially in resourcelimited settings. This rapidly progressive research area, centered on the unique surface plasmon resonance (SPR) properties of metallic nanostructures with exceptional absorption and scattering abilities, has greatly facilitated the development of cost-effective, sensitive, and rapid strategies for disease diagnostics and improving patient healthcare in both developed and developing worlds. This review highlights the recent advances and applications of plasmonic technologies for highly sensitive protein and nucleic acid biomarker detection. In particular, we focus on the implementation and penetration of various plasmonic technologies in conventional molecular diagnostic assays, and discuss how such modification has resulted in simpler, faster, and more sensitive alternatives that are suited for point-of-use. Finally, integration of plasmonic molecular assays with various portable POC platforms for mobile health applications are highlighted.

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