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Chloride-intercalated continuous chemical vapor deposited graphene film with discrete adlayers


intercalation, graphene, chemical vapor deposition, iron chloride


ABSTRACT Heteroatom doping can open the bandgap and increase the carrier density, thus extending the applications of graphene. Iron chloride (FeCl3) intercalation has proven to be an efficient method for the heavy doping of graphene. In this study, we prepared continuous chemical vapor deposited graphene (CVD-G) consisting of hexagonal adlayer domains to study the FeCl3 intercalation. The structure of the FeCl3-treated CVD-G was easily characterized via atomic force microscopy because of the change in the interlayer distance. FeCl3 crystals several nanometers thick were integrated with the graphene surface, and FeCl3 layer flakes were intercalated between the CVD-G adlayers. The G-band position and two-dimensional band shape in the Raman spectra confirmed the intercalation of the FeCl3 between the graphene layers. The FeCl3 intercalation increased the electrical conductivity of the CVD-G with a well-maintained transmittance, which could be beneficial for a sensitive photodetector.

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