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Nafion-assisted exfoliation of MoS2 in water phase and the application in quick-response NIR light controllable multi-shape memory membrane


Nafion, MoS2, exfoliation, multi-shape memory membrane


ABSTRACT In the current study, Nafion is adopted as a dispersant for assisting the waterphase exfoliation of MoS2. The completely ionized hydrophilic sulfonic groups and hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene backbone permit strong non-covalent bonding interactions between Nafion and exfoliated nanosheets for stabilization and functionalization to obtain Nafion–modified MoS2 (N-MoS2) nanocomposites. These interactions are stable in different pH environments. The concentration of Nafion influences the exfoliation efficiency and the size of the exfoliated nanosheets. N–MoS2/Nafion composite membranes are prepared. The N-MoS2 nanocomposite exhibits good dispersibility in a Nafion matrix, benefitting from the functionalization of Nafion. The N-MoS2/Nafion composite membrane shows excellent near-infrared light-controllable multi-shape-memory performance with convenient operation. The Nafion-assisted water-phase exfoliation method shows good efficiency, convenient operation, environmental benignity, and broad application potential.

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