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Recent advances in gas-involved in situ studies via transmission electron microscopy


controlled-atmosphere transmission electron microscopy (TEM), nanowire growth, catalysis, metal failure


ABSTRACT Gases that are widely used in research and industry have a significant effect on both the configuration of solid materials and the evolution of reactive systems. Traditional studies on gas–solid interactions have mostly been static and post-mortem and unsatisfactory for elucidating the real active states during the reactions. Recent developments of controlled-atmosphere transmission electron microscopy (TEM) have led to impressive progress towards the simulation of real-world reaction environments, allowing the atomic-scale recording of dynamic events. In this review, on the basis of the in situ research of our group, we outline the principles and features of the controlled-atmosphere TEM techniques and summarize the significant recent progress in the research activities on gas–solid interactions, including nanowire growth, catalysis, and metal failure. Additionally, the challenges and opportunities in the real-time observations on such platform are discussed.

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