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Determination of the acidic properties of carboxylated carbocatalysts in an acid-catalyzed ring-opening reaction using kinetic profiling


carboxylated carbocatalysts, acidic properties, ring-opening reaction, Arrhenius analysis, pKa values, electronic effect


ABSTRACT The acid-catalyzed ring-opening reaction of styrene oxide was used as a probe reaction for evaluating the acidic properties of carboxylated carbocatalysts. Significant discrepancies in the initial reaction rates were normalized using the total number of carboxyl groups, and demonstrated that the average catalytic activities of the carboxyl moieties on the carbocatalysts differed. Comparisons between the apparent activation energy Ea and the pre-exponential factor A, derived from Arrhenius analysis, demonstrated that A varied more significantly, and therefore had a more significant effect on the reaction rates than Ea. The variation in the calculated pKa values of the carboxyl groups was attributed to the electronic effects of the nitro groups. This hypothesis was supported by the temperature programmed desorption profiles of nitrogen monoxide ions.

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