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Flower-like C@SnO X @C hollow nanostructures with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium storage


C@SnOX@C, hollow nanostructure, nanosheets, carbon coating, anodes


ABSTRACT Hollow nanostructures have attracted considerable attention owing to their large surface area, tunable cavity, and low density. In this study, a unique flower-like C@SnOX@C hollow nanostructure (denoted as C@SnOX@C-1) was synthesized through a novel one-pot approach. The C@SnOX@C-1 had a hollow carbon core and interlaced petals on the shell. Each petal was a SnO2 nanosheet coated with an ultrathin carbon layer ~2 nm thick. The generation of the hollow carbon core, the growth of the SnO2 nanosheets, and the coating of the carbon layers were simultaneously completed via a hydrothermal process using resorcinolformaldehyde resin-coated SiO2 nanospheres, tin chloride, urea, and glucose as precursors. The resultant architecture with a large surface area exhibited excellent lithium-storage performance, delivering a high reversible capacity of 756.9 mA·h·g–1 at a current density of 100 mA·g–1 after 100 cycles.

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