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Fluorination of suspended graphene


graphene, fluorination, spectromicroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Raman, scanning electron microscopy (SEM)


ABSTRACT Suspended graphene is exposed to different fluorine-containing species produced by a plasma source fed with CF4 precursor gas. We investigate the fluorination process by selecting two different kinetic energies for the ions striking the graphene surface. The chemical-bonding environment is discussed, and the control of the graphene-fluorination homogeneity is investigated at the individual graphene sheets. The modifications of the electronic and structural properties are examined by scanning photoelectron microscopy, micro-Raman analysis, and scanning electron microscopy. The results are compared with those obtained for supported graphene on copper. Suspended graphene provides a quasi-ideal model for investigating the intrinsic properties of irradiated carbon nano-systems while avoiding damage due to backscattered atoms and recoil due to a supporting substrate.

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