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Glass-like energy and property landscape of Pt nanoclusters


Pt nanoclusters, energy landscape, glassy, global search, ab initio


ABSTRACT Pt nanoclusters play an important role in catalysis-related applications. Essential to their activities are their geometries and energy landscapes. In this work, we studied the energy landscapes of Pt clusters using a parallel differential evolution optimization algorithm and an accelerated ab initio atomic relaxation method, which allowed us to explore unprecedentedly large numbers of geometry local minima at ab initio level. We found many lower-energy isomers with low symmetry in their geometry. The energy landscapes were demonstrated to be glass-like with a large number of local minimum structures close to the global minimum. The electronic and magnetic properties of most glass-like local minima were dramatically different from the global minimum, and they should be observed in the experimental measurements. The connections between these local minima were further analyzed using data mining techniques.

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