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High-performance UV–vis photodetectors based on electrospun ZnO nanofiber-solution processed perovskite hybrid structures


ZnO, perovskite, hybrid, electrospinning, photodetector


ABSTRACT Hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites have been demonstrated as promising candidates for broadband-responsive photodetectors. It is critical to develop perovskite-based photodetectors with excellent photodetection capability and facile fabrication processes for practical application. Herein, we designed and fabricated, for the first time, a hybrid photodetector consisting of electrospun ZnO nanofibers and perovskites. Compared to pristine ZnO or perovskite, the hybrid photodetector showed increased on–off ratio, faster response speed, and higher responsivity and detectivity. The performance of the hybrid devices was significantly enhanced by using quasi-aligned ZnO nanofiber arrays instead of disordered nanofibers, which provide efficient charge transfer between the perovskite and ZnO, shorter transmission paths, and reduced carrier loss at cross-junctions of nanofibers. Our results provide a new and promising route to integrate inorganic functional materials with perovskite for high-performance and low-cost photodetectors.

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