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Unravelling a solution-based formation of single-crystalline kinked wurtzite nanowires: The case of MnSe


kinked nanowires, single-crystalline, nonpolar axial growth, wurtzite, MnSe


ABSTRACT The search for a novel strategy to sculpt semiconductor nanowires (NWs) at the atomistic scale is crucial for the development of new paradigms in optics, electronics, and spintronics. Thus far, the fabrication of single-crystalline kinked semiconductor NWs has been achieved mainly through the vapor−liquid−solid growth technique. In this study, we developed a new strategy for sculpting single-crystalline kinked wurtzite (WZ) MnSe NWs by triggering the nonpolar axial-oriented growth, thereby switching—at the atomistic scale—the NW growth orientation along the nonpolar axes in a facile solution-based procedure. This presents substantial challenges owing to the dominant polar c axis growth in the solution-based synthesis of one-dimensional WZ nanocrystals. More significantly, the ability to continuously switch the nonpolar axial-growth orientation allowed us to craft the kinking landscape of types 150°, 120°, 90°, and 60°. A probabilistic analysis of kinked MnSe NWs reveals the correlations of the synergy and interplay between these two sets of nonpolar axial growth-orientation switching, which determine the actual kinked motifs. Furthermore, discriminating the side-facet structures of the kinked NWs significantly strengthened the spatially selected interaction of Au nanoparticles. We envisage that such a facile solution-based strategy can be useful for synthesizing other single-crystalline kinked WZ-type transition-metal dichalcogenide NWs to develop novel functional materials with finely tuned properties.

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