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Organic-acid-assisted synthesis of a 3D lasagna-like Fe-N-doped CNTs-G framework: An efficient and stable electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reactions


well-controlled, oxalic acid, robust, three-dimensional (3D) lasagna-like framework, impressive oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performances


ABSTRACT The scalable preparation of multi-functional three-dimensional (3D) carbon nanotubes and graphene (CNTs-G) hybrids via a well-controlled route is urgently required and challenging. Herein, an easily operated, oxalic acid-assisted method was developed for the in situ fabrication of a 3D lasagna-like Fe-N-doped CNTs-G framework (LMFC) from a precursor designed at the molecular level. The well-organized architecture of LMFC was constructed by multi-dimensionally interconnected graphene and CNTs which derived from porous graphene sheets, to form a fundamentally robust and hierarchical porous structure, as well as favorable conductive networks. The impressive oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performances in both alkaline and acidic conditions helped confirm the significance of this technically favorable morphological structure. This product was also the subject of research for the exploration of decisive effects on the performance of ORR catalysts with reasonable control variables. The present work further advances the construction of novel 3D carbon architectures via practical and economic routes.

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