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Catheters coated with Zn-doped CuO nanoparticles delay the onset of catheter-associated urinary tract infections


antibiofilm, urinary tract infection, catheter, nanoparticle coating, metal oxide


ABSTRACTCatheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are among the mostcommon bacterial infections associated with medical devices. In the currentstudy, the synthesis, coating, antibiofilm properties, and biocompatibility ofurinary catheters coated with Zn-doped CuO (Zn0.12Cu0.88O) nanoparticles (NPs)were examined. The doped NPs were synthesized and subsequently depositedon the catheter by the sonochemical method. The coated catheters displayedhigh antibiofilm activity and promising biocompatibility, as indicated by lowin vitro cytotoxicity, negligible associated cytokine secretion, and absence ofdetectable irritation. The biocompatibility and ability of the Zn-doped CuOcoating to inhibit biofilm formation were also evaluated in vivo using a rabbitmodel. Rabbits catheterized with uncoated catheters scored positive for CAUTIby day 4 of the experiment. In contrast, rabbits catheterized with Zn-dopedCuO-coated catheters did not exhibit CAUTI until day 7 or remained completelyuninfected for the whole duration of the 7-day experiment. Furthermore, thein vivo biocompatibility assays and examinations supported the biosafety ofZn-doped CuO-coated catheters. Taken together, these data highlight the potentialof Zn-doped CuO nanocomposite as effective antibiofilm compound.

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