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Rambutan-like hierarchically heterostructured CeO2-CuO hollow microspheres: Facile hydrothermal synthesis and applications


heterostructure, hollow sphere, rambutan, supercapacitors, Rochow reaction


ABSTRACT Hierarchically heterostructured hollow spheres are of great interest for a wide range of applications owing to their unique structural features and properties. However, the fabrication of well-defined hollow spheres with highly specific morphology for mixed transition metal oxides on a large scale remains challenging. In this work, uniform rambutan-like heterostructured CeO2-CuO hollow microspheres with numerous copper–ceria interfacial sites and nanorods and nanoparticles as building blocks are prepared via a facile hydrothermal method followed by calcination. Importantly, this approach can be readily scaled up and is applicable to the synthesis of various CuO-based mixed metal oxide complex hollow spheres. The as-prepared CeO2-CuO hollow rambutans exhibit superior performance both as electrode materials for supercapacitors and as Cu-based catalysts for the Rochow reaction, mainly due to the small primary nanoparticle constituents, high surface area, and formation of numerous interior heterostructures.

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