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In situ TEM observation of dissolution and regrowth dynamics of MoO2 nanowires under oxygen


oxide surface, oscillatory behavior, dissolution kinetics, in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM), environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM)


ABSTRACT Direct observation of the dissolution behavior of nanomaterials could provide fundamental insight to understanding their anisotropic properties and stability. The dissolution mechanism in solution and vacuum has been well documented. However, the gas-involved dissolution and regrowth have seldom been explored and the mechanisms remain elusive. We report herein, an in situ TEM study of the dissolution and regrowth dynamics of MoO2 nanowires under oxygen using environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM). For the first time, oscillatory dissolution on the nanowire tip is revealed, and, intriguingly, simultaneous layer-by-layer regrowth on the sidewall facets is observed, leading to a shorter and wider nanowire. Combined with first-principles calculations, we found that electron beam irradiation caused oxygen loss in the tip facets, which resulted in changing the preferential growth facets and drove the morphology reshaping.

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