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SnNi nanoneedles assembled 3D radial nanostructure loaded with SnNiPt nanoparticles: Towards enhanced electrocatalysis performance for methanol oxidation


three-dimensional (3D) nanostructure, SnNiPt ternary alloy, electrocatalysis, methanol oxidation reaction, direct methanol fuel cell anode catalyst


ABSTRACT A desirable methanol oxidation electrocatalyst was fabricated by metal atom diffusion to form an alloy of an assembled three-dimensional (3D) radial nanostructure of SnNi nanoneedles loaded with SnNiPt nanoparticles (NPs). Herein, metal atom diffusion occurred between the SnNi support and loaded Pt NPs to form a SnNiPt ternary alloy on the catalyst surface. The as-obtained catalyst combines the excellent catalytic performance of the alloy and advantages of the 3D nanostructure; the SnNiPt NPs, which fused on the surface of the SnNi nanoneedle support, can dramatically improve the availability of Pt during electrocatalysis, and thus elevate the catalytic activity. In addition, the efficient mass transfer of the 3D nanostructure reduced the onset potential. Furthermore, the catalyst achieved a favorable CO poisoning resistance and enhanced stability. After atomic interdiffusion, the catalytic activity drastically increased by 45%, and the other performances substantially improved. These results demonstrate the significant advantage and enormous potential of the atomic interdiffusion treatment in catalytic applications.

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