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Reduced graphene oxide decorated with Bi2O2.33 nanodots for superior lithium storage


bismuth oxide, nanodot, reduced graphene oxide, Li storage


ABSTRACT Bismuth oxides are important battery materials owing to their ability to electrochemically react and alloy with Li, which results in a high capacity level, which substantially exceeds that of graphite anodes. However, this high Li-storage capability is often compromised by the poor electrochemical cyclability and rate capability of bismuth oxides. To address these challenges, in this study, we design a hybrid architecture composed of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanosheets decorated with ultrafine Bi2O2.33 nanodots (denoted as Bi2O2.33/rGO), based on the selective and controlled hydrolysis of a Bi precursor on graphene oxide and subsequent crystallization via solvothermal treatment. Because of its high conductivity, large accessible area, and inherent flexibility, the Bi2O2.33/rGO hybrid exhibits stable and robust Li storage (346 mA·h·g–1 over 600 cycles at 10 C), significantly outperforming previously reported Bi-based materials. This superb performance indicates that decorating rGO nanosheets with ultrafine nanodots may introduce new possibilities for the development of stable and robust metal-oxide electrodes.

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