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Novel porous starfish-like Co3O4@nitrogen-doped carbon as an advanced anode for lithium-ion batteries


cobaltosic oxide, starfish-like structure, nitrogen-doped carbon, metal-organic framework, lithium-ion battery, long cycle life


ABSTRACT A Co-based metal-organic framework (Co-MOF) with a unique three-dimensional starfish-like nanostructure was successfully synthesized using a simple ultrasonic method. After subsequent carbonization and oxidation, a nanocomposite of nitrogen-doped carbon with a Co3O4 coating (Co3O4@N-C) with a porous starfish-like nanostructure was obtained. The final hybrid exhibited excellent lithium storage performance when evaluated as an anode material in a lithiumion battery. A remarkable and stable discharge capacity of 795 mAh·g−1 was maintained at 0.5 A·g−1 after 300 cycles. Excellent rate capability was also obtained. In addition, a full Co3O4@N-C/LiFePO4 battery displayed stable capacity retention of 95% after 100 cycles. This excellent lithium storage performance is attributed to the unique porous starfish-like structure, which effectively buffers the volume expansion that occurs during Li+ insertion/deinsertion. Meanwhile, the nitrogendoped carbon coating enhances the electrical conductivity and provides a buffer layer to accommodate the volume change and accelerate the formation of a stable solid electrolyte interface layer.

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