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Ternary nanoarray electrode with corn-inspired hierarchical design for synergistic lithium storage


nanowire array, cobalt oxide, Si, ionic liquid, biomimetic material, Li-ion battery


ABSTRACT Single-component anode materials can barely satisfy the growing demand for next-generation Li-ion batteries with higher capacity and cyclability. Thus developing multi-component synergistic electrodes has become a critical issue. Herein, inspired by natural corn, a ternary hierarchical self-supported array design is proposed. Based on a sequential transformation route, Si/C-modified Co3O4 nanowire arrays are constructed on 3D Ni foams to form a binder-free integrated electrode. Specifically, an ionic liquid-assisted electrodeposition strategy is employed to prepare discrete ultrafine Si nanoparticles on nanoscale array substrates, which follow the Volmer–Weber island growth mode. In this corn-mimetic system, kernel-like Si nanoparticles and a husk-like carbon coating layer function as enhancing and protecting units, respectively, to improve the capacity and stability of the cobalt oxide basic unit. Taking advantage of a synergistic effect, the ternary nanoarray anode achieves a significant performance enhancement compared to pristine Co3O4, showing a special capacity as high as ~1,000 mAh·g−1 at 100 mA·g−1. By extending this corn-mimetic hierarchical array design to other basic, enhancing, and protecting units, new ideas for constructing synergistic nano-architectures for energy conversion and storage field are developed.

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