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Self-supported Ni6MnO8 3D mesoporous nanosheet arrays with ultrahigh lithium storage properties and conversion mechanism by in-situ XAFS


Ni6MnO8, self-supported, in-situ X-ray absorption fine structure, lithium-ion battery


ABSTRACT Murdochite-type Ni6MnO8 three-dimensional mesoporous nanosheet arrays grown on carbon cloth (NMO-SA/CC) are synthesized using an in-situ growth strategy. As self-supported binder-free anodes for LIBs, the NMO-SA/CC hierarchical nanostructures exhibit ultrahigh capacity, excellent cycling stability, and good rate capability. The excellent lithium storage performance can be ascribed to the perfect electrical contact between NMO-SA and CC. The mesopores in the thin nanosheet can maximize the electrode contact with the electrolyte by decreasing the Li+ diffusion path. Moreover, these effects relieve the pulverization and agglomeration that originate from the large volume variations during the Li+ intercalation/deintercalation cycles. The in-situ X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectrum recorded during the initial lithiation/delithiation processes reveals the conversion reaction process.

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