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Binary synergistic enhancement of dielectric and microwave absorption properties: A composite of arm symmetrical PbS dendrites and polyvinylidene fluoride


synergistic enhancement, arm symmetrical dendrites, PbS, dielectric properties, microwave absorption, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)


ABSTRACT Arm symmetrical PbS dendrite (ASD-PbS) nanostructures can be prepared on a large scale by a solvothermal process. The ASD-PbSs exhibit a three-dimensional symmetrical structure, and each dendrite grows multiple branches on the main trunk. Such unique ASD-PbSs can be combined with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to prepare a composite material with enhanced dielectric and microwave-absorption properties. A detailed investigation of the dependence of the dielectric properties on the frequency and temperature shows that the ASD-PbS/PVDF composite has an ultrahigh dielectric constant and a low percolation threshold. The dielectric permittivity is as high as 1,548 when the concentration of the ASD-PbS filler reaches 13.79 vol.% at 102 Hz, which is 150 times larger than that of pure PVDF, while the composite is as flexible as pure PVDF. Furthermore, the maximum reflection loss can reach –36.69 dB at 16.16 GHz with a filler content of only 2 wt.%, which indicates excellent microwave absorption. The loss mechanism is also elucidated. The present work demonstrates that the addition of metal sulfide microcrystals to polymer matrix composites provides a useful method for improving the dielectric and microwave-absorption properties.

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