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High-performance heterogeneous complementary inverters based on n-channel MoS2 and p-channel SWCNT transistors


heterogeneous inverter, MoS2, single-walled carbon-nanotube (SWCNT), high voltage gain, electrical properties


ABSTRACT Heterogeneous complementary inverters composed of bi-layer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and single-walled carbon-nanotube (SWCNT) networks are designed, and n-type MoS2/p-type SWCNT inverters are fabricated with a backgated structure. Field-effect transistors (FETs) based on the MoS2 and SWCNT networks show high electrical performance with large ON/OFF ratios up to 106 and 105 for MoS2 and SWCNT, respectively. The MoS2/SWCNT complementary inverters exhibit Vin–Vout signal matching and achieve excellent performances with a high peak voltage gain of 15, a low static-power consumption of a few nanowatts, and a high noise margin of 0.45VDD, which are suitable for future logic-circuit applications. The inverter performances are affected by the channel width-to-length ratios (W/L) of the MoS2-FETs and SWCNT-FETs. Therefore, W/L should be optimized to achieve a tradeoff between the gain and the power consumption.

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