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A unified geometric rule for designing nanomagnetism in graphene


Nanomagnetism, graphene-based nanostructures, magnetic ordering


Based on the underlying graphene lattice symmetry and an itinerant magnetism model on a bipartite lattice, we propose a unifi ed geometric rule for designing graphene-based magnetic nanostructures: spins are parallel (ferromagnetic (FM)) on all zigzag edges which are at angles of 0° and 120° to each other, and antiparallel (antiferromagnetic (AF)) at angles of 60° and 180°. The rule is found to be consistent with all the systems that have been studied so far. Applying the rule, we predict several novel graphene-based magnetic nanostructures: 0-D FM nanodots with the highest possible magnetic moments, 1-D FM nanoribbons, and 2-D magnetic superlattices.

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