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Preparation of monodisperse Se colloid spheres and Se nanowires using Na2SeSO3 as precursor


Na2SeSO3, dismutation, amorphous Se (a-Se) spheres, trigonal Se (t-Se) nanowires


Nearly monodisperse spherical amorphous Se colloids are prepared by the dismutation of Na2SeSO3 solution at room temperature; by altering the pH of the solution, amorphous Se colloid spheres with sizes of about 120 nm, 200 nm, 300 nm, and 1 μm can be obtained. Se@Ag2Se core/shell spheres are successfully synthesized by using the obtained amorphous Se (a-Se) spheres as templates, indicating the potential applications of these Se nanomaterials in serving as soft templates for other selenides. Meanwhile, selenium nanowires are obtained through a “solid-solution-solid” growth process by dispersing the prepared Se spheres in ethanol. This simple and environmentally benign approach may offer more opportunities in the synthesis and applications of nanocrystal materials.

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