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Porous LiFePO4/NiP Composite nanospheres as the cathode materials in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries


Nanospheres, LiFePO4/NiP, spraying, electrical conductivity, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries


We report the synthesis of porous LiFePO4/NiP composite nanospheres and their application in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A simple one-step spraying technique was developed to prepare LiFePO4/NiP composite nanospheres with an electrical conductivity 103 104 times that of bulk particles of LiFePO4. Electrochemical measurements show that LiFePO4 nanospheres with a uniform loading of 0.86 wt% 1.50 wt% NiP exhibit high discharge capacity, good cycling reversibility, and low apparent activation energies. The superior electrode performance of the as-prepared composite nanospheres results from the greatly enhanced electrical conductivity and porous structure of the materials.

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