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Vertical nanowire array-based light emitting diodes


ZnO nanowire, electroluminescence, LED, waveguiding


Electroluminescence from a nanowire array-based light emitting diode is reported. The junction consists of a p-type GaN thin fi lm grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and a vertical n-type ZnO nanowire array grown epitaxially from the thin fi lm through a simple low temperature solution method. The fabricated devices exhibit diode like current voltage behavior. Electroluminescence is visible to the human eye at a forward bias of 10 V and spectroscopy reveals that emission is dominated by acceptor to band transitions in the p-GaN thin fi lm. It is suggested that the vertical nanowire architecture of the device leads to waveguided emission from the thin fi lm through the nanowire array.

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