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Synthesis, contact printing, and device characterization of Ni-catalyzed, crystalline InAs nanowires


Crystalline InAs nanowire, Ni catalyst, high-performance transistor


InAs nanowires have been actively explored as the channel material for high performance transistors owing to their high electron mobility and ease of ohmic metal contact formation. The catalytic growth of nonepitaxial InAs nanowires, however, has often relied on the use of Au colloids which is non-CMOS compatible. Here, we demonstrate the successful synthesis of crystalline InAs nanowires with high yield and tunable diameters by using Ni nanoparticles as the catalyst material on amorphous SiO2 substrates. The nanowires show superb electrical properties with field-effect electron mobility ~2700 cm2/Vs and ION/IOFF >103. The uniformity and purity of the grown InAs nanowires are further demonstrated by large-scale assembly of parallel arrays of nanowires on substrates via the contact printing process that enables high performance, “printable” transistors, capable of delivering 5 10 mA ON currents (~400 nanowires).

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