Journal of Neurorestoratology


yearbook, neurorestoratology, pathogenesis, diseases and damage to the nervous system, neurorestorative mechanisms, neurorestorative therapies


The Neurorestoratology discipline is getting worldwide attention from the clinicians, basic scientists, students and policy makers alike. Accordingly, this year too, the discipline has made profound advances and great achievements for the benefit of the mankind. In this report, of the 2018 Neurorestoratology Yearbook, salient features of new developments are summarized. This Yearbook consists 3 key themes namely (i) the new findings on pathogenesis of neurological diseases or degeneration; (ii) the new mechanisms of neurorestorative aspects; and (iii) the achievements and progresses made in the clinical field of neurorestorative therapies. The new trend has emerged in clinical studies that are based on greater levels of evidence-based medical practices both in clinical therapies and clinical trials based on standard designs.


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