Journal of Advanced Ceramics


rare-earth zirconates, thermal conductivity, photon thermal transport


A series of Sm2Zr2O7-SiC composites doped with different volume fraction and particle size of SiC were prepared by hot pressing at 1300 ℃. The phase of the composites prepared is P-Sm2Zr2O7 and C-SiC, and no other diffraction peaks exist, which indicates that Sm2Zr2O7 has great chemical compatibility with SiC. The thermal conductivity and phonon thermal conductivity of the Sm2Zr2O7-SiC composites are measured by the laser pulse method. The photon thermal conductivity of the composites is obtained by subtracting the phonon thermal conductivity from the total thermal conductivity. The results show that the photon thermal conductivity of Sm2Zr2O7-SiC composites is lower than that of pure Sm2Zr2O7. The photon thermal conductivity of Sm2Zr2O7-SiC composites decreases first and then increases with the increase of SiC particle size. Sm2Zr2O7-(5 vol%, 10 μm)SiC composite has the lowest photon thermal conductivity.


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