Journal of Advanced Ceramics


Y2O3 transparent ceramics, optical transmittance, sintering kinetics, mechanical properties, thermal properties


As an optical material, Y2O3 transparent ceramics are desirable for application as laser host materials. However, it is difficult to sinter and dense of Y2O3 hinders the preparation of high-quality optical ceramics via traditional processes. In this work, we use La2O3 as a sintering aid for fabricating high-transparency Y2O3 ceramics using a vacuum sintering process. It is demonstrated that the in-line optical transmittance of 15.0 at% La-doped Y2O3 at a wavelength of 1100 nm achieves a transmittance of 81.2%. A sintering kinetics analysis reveals that a grain-boundary-diffusion-controlled mechanism dominates the faster densification at high La3+ concentrations. It is also shown that both the mechanical and thermal properties of Y2O3 transparent ceramics are significantly improved upon the increase of La2O3 sintering additives. The results indicate that a La-doped Y2O3 transparent ceramic is a promising candidate for a laser host material.


Tsinghua University Press