Journal of Advanced Ceramics


graphene/ceramic composites, synthesis, mechanical property, electromagnetic properties, thermal properties, multifunction


Graphene with excellent comprehensive properties has been considered as a promising filler to reinforce ceramics. While numerous studies have been devoted to the improvement of mechanical and electrical properties, incorporating graphene to ceramics also offers new opportunities for endowing ceramics with versatility. In this review, the recent development of graphene/ceramic bulk composites is summarized with the focus on the construction of well-designed architecture and the realization of multifunctional applications. The processing technologies of the composites are systematically summarized towards homogeneous dispersion and even ordered orientation of graphene sheets in the ceramic matrix. The improvement of composites in mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, and thermal performances is discussed. The novel multifunctional applications brought by smart integration of graphene in ceramics are also addressed, including microwave absorption, electromagnetic interference shielding, ballistic armors, self-monitor damage sensors, and energy storage and conversion.


Tsinghua University Press