Journal of Advanced Ceramics


three dimensional (3D) printing, alumina paste, solidification property, thermally-induced, carrageenan


Three dimensional (3D) printing technology by direct ink writing (DIW) is an innovative complex shaping technology, possessing advantages of flexibility in fabrication, high efficiency, low cost, and environmental-friendliness. Herein, 3D printing of complex alumina ceramic parts via DIW using thermally induced solidification with carrageenan swelling was investigated. The rheological properties of the slurry under different thermally-induced modes were systematically studied. The solidification properties of thermally-induced pastes with varying contents of carrageenan were optimized. The experimental results showed that the optimized paste consisting of 0.4 wt% carrageenan could be rapidly solidified at about 55 ℃, which could print inclined-plane more than 60° in vertical without support, resulting in better homogeneity of the green body. A nearly pore-free structure was obtained after sintering at 1600 ℃ for 2 h.


Tsinghua University Press