Journal of Advanced Ceramics


polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs), silicoboron carbonitride (SiBCN) ceramic pressure sensor, piezoresistivity, high temperature and harsh environment sensor


Pressure measurement with excellent stability and long time durability is highly desired, especially at high temperature and harsh environments. A polymer-derived silicoboron carbonitride (SiBCN) ceramic pressure sensor with excellent stability, accuracy, and repeatability is designed based on the giant piezoresistivity of SiBCN ceramics. The SiBCN ceramic sensor was packaged in a stainless steel case and tested using half Wheatstone bridge with the uniaxial pressure up to 10 MPa. The SiBCN ceramic showed a remarkable piezoresistive effect with the gauge factor (K) as high as 5500. The output voltage of packed SiBCN ceramic sensor changes monotonically and smoothly versus external pressure. The as received SiBCN pressure sensor possesses features of short response time, excellent repeatability, stability, sensitivity, and accuracy. Taking the excellent high temperature thermo-mechanical properties of polymer-derived SiBCN ceramics (e.g., high temperature stability, oxidation/corrosion resistance) into account, SiBCN ceramic sensor has significant potential for pressure measurement at high temperature and harsh environments.


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