Journal of Advanced Ceramics


alumina ceramic, dielectric breakdown strength (DBS), inter-granular phase crystallization, firing in wet hydrogen


Annealing and firing in wet hydrogen are widely used steps in the processing alumina–ceramic insulators that may affect their dielectric breakdown strengths (DBS). In this study, the effects of annealing (at 1300 ℃ for 7 h) and firing in wet hydrogen on the DBS of alumina ceramics (all sintered at 1650 ℃) were studied, and the underlying mechanisms were analyzed by material characterizations. Annealing reduced the DBS of the 95% alumina ceramics due to the inter-granular phase crystallization, and the reduction in the DBS could be correlated to the reduction in mechanical strength. In contrast, annealing improved the DBS of the 99% alumina ceramic without intergranular phase transformation. Firing in wet hydrogen at 1500 ℃ caused the DBS increment, which can be ascribed to the reduction in the concentrations of point defects and electrical carriers.


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