Journal of Advanced Ceramics


YAGG:Ce transparent ceramics, two-step sintering, Al/Ga ratio, luminous efficiency, green-emitting LEDs


A series of Y2.985Al5-xGaxO12:0.015Ce (YAGG:Ce, x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) transparent ceramics were prepared via a solid-state reaction method. Two-step sintering technique was proved to be an effective approach to prepare functional ceramics with high Ga concentration, and Y3Ga5O12 (YGG) transparent ceramic was successfully prepared for the first time. According to the variation of Al/Ga ratio, regulation of band structure and luminescence properties of YAGG:Ce transparent ceramics were effectively investigated. When Ga substitutes Al sites, the tetrahedral site is more favorable compared to the octahedral site for Ga to occupy according to the first-principle calculation. A continuous blue shift of the emission from 565 to 515 nm was achieved as Ga was gradually introduced into Y3Al5O12:Ce matrix. High quality green light was obtained by coupling the YAGG:Ce ceramics with commercial blue InGaN chips. Transparent luminescence ceramics accomplished in this work can be quite prospective for high power LED application.


Tsinghua University Press